My first embassy event at the Embassy of Chile

            My favorite embassy to visit for events is the Embassy of Chile, on Massachusetts Avenue close to 17th Street NW.  They have a wonderful gallery space on the main floor and they always have great exhibitions with the themes and types of art always changing, from paintings to charcoal drawings, traditional to modern. 

   “Untitled” (Resin, pigment, enamel on panel wood, 2012) – artwork by Pablo Jansana

“Untitled” (Resin, pigment, enamel on panel wood, 2012) – artwork by Pablo Jansana

            My first visit to the Embassy of Chile was for an art exhibition back in December of 2012 when I first moved to Washington.  The exhibition was titled, “VISIBLE ARCHITECTS: New Chilean Art at a Global Crossroads”, and the show featured works by contemporary Chilean artists living in New York City with most of the artist present in person to answer questions about their works.  The artists themselves were wonderfully accommodating, despite a few minor language barriers, and were very generous in explaining how they conceptualized and executed the pieces in the show.

            Another great surprise from the evening, and a treat every time I return for exhibitions at the Embassy of Chile, was their offering of Chilean wines during the exhibition, both whites and reds.  On my first visit, shortly after my arrival, waiters suddenly appeared with trays of wine glasses.  I was not only impressed with the generosity but with the impressive quality of the wines being served.  As somebody new to DC this was the sort of event I had always pictured.  I was essentially visiting a foreign country only minutes from my apartment and their staff could not have been more friendly and welcoming.  I look forward to returning every time I see events posted at the embassy. 

Michael S., Washington, DC