Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Community Liaison Officer - PN 10031

  • Non-ongoing (1 year), Part Time (25 hours per week)

  • USD49,206 (pro rated for part time)

  • Washington DC, United States of America

About this position

This is a locally engaged staff position at an overseas Australian Diplomatic Mission.

Under direction, the CLO provides ongoing welfare and support services to all non-Defence A-based staff and their families posted to Washington. Working closely with the A-based CoS team, who facilitate arrivals and departures for all non-Defence A-Based staff, the CLO advises on resources and develops strategies to assist arriving and departing A-based staff as a matter of primary concern. In addition, the role facilitates access to appropriate resources within the Embassy and local community, referring to DFAT’s welfare network and Family Liaison Officer (FLO) as required.

Additional Information

This position requires a probity check to be completed. Employment in the advertised position is dependent on the employee having or acquiring a valid DFAT probity check. Probity checks can take some time to process, and employment cannot be commenced until an appropriate check is confirmed. There is no guarantee that the successful candidate for the position will be successful in obtaining a probity check. The inability to obtain a probity check prevents that applicant from being employed and loss of a probity check at any time will lead to termination of employment.

Further information about engagement as a locally engaged staff can be found at Employment Opportunities on the Australia in the USA website.

Contact Information

All enquiries about the position and the application process should be directed to

Please do not submit applications directly to this email address, as they will not be considered.

Position Description 

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