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Film: Ruffiano and Sweeteeth screens at Bistro Bohem - Oct. 20, 7 pm

  • Bistro Bohem 600 Florida Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20001 United States (map)

Bistro Bohem, in collaboration with the Embassy of the Czech Republic, will screen the film Ruffiano and Sweeteeth on October 20, at 7 pm, as part of the Film and Beer Series. 

Based on the stories of Karel Čapek, directorKarel Smyczek's musical fairy-tale reveals how pacific intellectual Ruffiano, a son of a notorious thief, lives his life after promising to carry on the family business to his father. (1997, 106 min., Czech with English subtitles)

Location: Bistro Bohem

600 Florida Avenue, NW, Washington, DC


Please make a reservation to see the film as space is limited:

For all reservations, please arrive at Bistro Bohem by 6:45 pm!

Admission is free.


Ruffiano and Sweeteeth | Lotrando a zubejda

1997, 106 min., Czech with English subtitles

In this tale filled with merry songs and wit, a notorious thief sends his only son Ruffiano to be educated by monks. On his deathbed, he requests that Ruffiano carry on the family “trade” of looting. However, Ruffiano’s pure heart finds no pleasure in such pursuits. He meets a woodsman and a band of foreigners that lead him down a path to the beautiful Sultan’s daughter, Sweeteeth, who has a mysterious illness. Can he cure her before it's too late? 

About the Director:

Karel Smyczek is a Czech film director, actor and screenwriter born in 1950. He studied filmmaking at Czech National Film Academy, FAMU. In his films, he focuses primarily on children and youngsters. Some of his more renowned works include: Sněženky a Machři (Snowdrops and Aces), Nesmrtelná teta (Immortal Aunt) or "Bylo nás pět" (We were five) series.


Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth Award (Czech Republic, 1998),

Nominated for Czech Lions Best Music Award in 1998.

About the Series:

This marks the fourth year of the Film and Beer Series at Bistro Bohem. The series this year focuses on the work of acclaimed screenwriter and actor Zdeněk Svěrák, who is renowned for the Oscar-winning film Kolya. All of the films will screen in Czech with English subtitles. Each screening includes one free beer as well as an introduction by a representative from the Czech Embassy. All screenings are subject to change. The screenings take place the third Tuesday of every month.

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