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Brazil’s Buildup to the Olympics

  • Smithsonian Institution - S. Dillon Ripley Center 1100 Jefferson Dr SW Washington, DC, 20560 United States (map)

Brazil’s Buildup to the Olympics

Presented in partnership with the Embassy of Brazil

Evening Program

Monday, August 3, 2015 - 6:45 p.m. to 8:15 p.m.

Landing the honor of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games demands that a country enter into an international competition that takes as much stamina, preparation, and sheer determination as anything its athletes will face. What happens, then, once a nation is selected? How does a whole country go into training?

Luis Fernandes, Brazil’s former deputy minister of sports, offers an insider’s perspective on how his sports-obsessed country is preparing for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics—and how the games will transform it.

Both Brazil and Fernandes have a head start on the process. The country hosted the 2014 FIFA World Cup, for which Fernandes headed the office coordinating all governmental efforts, and he had similar responsibilities for the Olympics. He reviews the important challenges and lessons that came out of the World Cup experience, and the complex and multifaceted start-to-finish program of preparation that Brazil has mapped out as it gears up for 2016.

In a fascinating program, Fernandes covers what it means in practical terms to host the World Cup and the 2016 games in areas such as infrastructure, construction and design, security, and promotion. He looks at how Brazil and the organizing committees worked together, and the impact that being site of two of the world’s biggest sporting competitions has on his country. He also looks beyond the closing ceremonies to discuss the potential legacy that these events may hold for Brazil.

Other Connections

Want to know what Barra Olympic Park, the heart of the Rio 2016 Games, will look like once competition is under way? A video produced by the Rio city government mixes real footage of construction with computer-generated images to offer a preview of the 1.18 million-square-meter complex.

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