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"Century of Enlightenment"- A Chinese Film Retrospective Exhibition

Date: September 25th thru October 1st, 2015
Locations: Naval Heritage Center & E Street Cinema, Washington D.C.


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The weeklong event – “A Century of Enlightenment” – held by DCCFF is on its way to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the birth of Chinese film. The committee hand-picked 18 iconic & critically acclaimed films from Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, unfolding China’s changing society and diverse culture from the 30s to modern-day.

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Program Highlights•  Restored version of timeless classics from the 30s & the 40s, including:
-  The Goddess: a 1934 b&w silent movie directed by Wu Yonggang, featuring the biggest star at that time Ruan Ling-yu
-  Street Angel: a 1937 film directed by Yuan Muzhi, stars the popular singer Zhou Xuan.
- Springtime In a Small Town: 1948 one of the most influential among early Chinese films1948 film Springtime in a Small Town directed by Fei Mu

•  Recent films from your favorite masters, including:
Eat Drink Man Woman: an award-winning film, one of the early works of Ang Lee)
In the Heat of the Sun: Jiang Wen’s directorial debut with a unique perspective of the Cultural Revolution
- Red Sorghum: Winner of 1988's Golden Berlin Bear, directed by renowned director Zhang Yimou

•  Film + Culture Panels “A Century of Enlightenment” – Chinese Film in the Past, Now and Future
9:10PM-10:10PM, Saturday (Sept. 26) | E STREET CINEMA
Aesthetics of Martial Arts and Image of China
6:10PM – 7:10PM, Sunday (Sept. 27) | E STREET CINEMA