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1st Annual Korean Culture Week: Darkness PoomBa

  • John F. Kennedy Center 2700 F Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20566 United States (map)

1st Annual Korean Culture Week

Darkness PoomBa

by Modern Table

Contemporary Dance Company

Saturday, Oct. 22 @ 6:00 p.m.

Millennium Stage

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566

Join us for the 1st Annual Korean Culture Week at the Kennedy Center, Oct. 20-22! Based on the theme of Tradition and Transition, this free three-day, three-performance event  will take audiences on a journey through Korea's outstanding performance arts, from ancient folk culture to the dynamic contemporary arts of today, with a variety of richly textured live performances. 

Saturday's event is a cutting-edge modern dance performance, Darkness PoomBa by Modern Table Company. 

Darkness PoomBa is inspired by the Korean tradition of the outspoken itinerant entertainers known as poomba, reimagined as a contemporary dance blending vocalise, physical comedy, rock music, and soulful, melancholy song reminiscent of the blues tradition. Poomba has evolved into a type of community theater performance art, and Modern Table has taken this evocative genre a step further with modern stage production and choreography. At its core is an everyday sadness expressed with such raw passion and verve that audiences inevitably become part of the show, as well as the keen social dialogue at work.

Modern Table Company, founded in 2006 and led by choreographer Jae-duk Kim, is a contemporary dance company that aims to communicate with audiences through interdisciplinary performances and creative projects. Dance is at the group's core, but they have also created a genre-bending stage musical blending Korean pansori (traditional solo storytelling through song) with rock and hip-hop. Modern Table is famous for breaking the "fourth wall" that normally separates performers from the audience, and for expressing traditional Korean themes in a contemporary artistic language. Their signature works include Darkness PoomBa, Jokers' Blues, Simcheong Guys, Awake, Clocker, Kick, Sinawi, Hey Men, Sinawi Sanjo, Earthquake, and Smile.

1st Annual Korean Culture Week

Schedule of Events

Thursday, October 20 @ 6pm

NANTA (Highlight) by PMC Production

Friday, October 21 @ 6 pm

Korean National Gugak Center 

(Formerly: National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts)

Saturday, October 22 @ 6 pm

Darkness PoomBa by Modern Table Company

No RSVP Required! 

All performances start at 6 pm. Early arrival is recommended. 

Admission is first come, first served.

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