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Argentine movie "Arreo", at the 9th Annual Chesapeake Film Festival

  • Avalon Theatre 40 E Dover St. Easton, MD 21601 (map)

"Arreo", at the 9th Annual Chesapeak Film Festival


Néstor “Tato” Moreno’s Argentine film Arreo will participate of the 9th. Annual Chesapeak Film Festival. Arreo follows a family of proud Argentine gauchos on an arduous goat herding journey through the High Andes, capturing both their reflections on the threat “progress” poses to their livelihood, and the essence and beauty of upland rural life. The film unveils the refreshing, thought-provoking story of Eliseo Parada and his wife, transhumant goatherds of western Argentina. These true Andean gauchos must face both the challenge of seeing their pastoralist livelihood threatened by "progress," and the uncertainty of not knowing for how much longer their own sons will keep the generations-old family tradition.
Q&A with Executive Producer Claudia Gaynor

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October 26-30
October 28 at 6 PM

Avalon Theatre
40 E Dover St.
Easton, MD 21601
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