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Japanese Kōgei Exhibition Opening Night!

  • JICC, Embassy of Japan 1150 18th St., NW Suite 100 Washington, DC 20036 (map)

Japanese Kōgei Exhibition
Opening Night!

Japanese Kōgei Exhibition Opening Lecture
April 5, 2016 | Tuesday at 6:30PM


The Japan Information and Culture Center, in cooperation with the Onishi Gallery in New York, is proud to present its "Japanese Kōgei Exhibition: Ceramics, Metalwork, Lacquerware & Glass," as part of the 2016 National Cherry Blossom Festival. This exhibition featuring Japanese kōgei, or artisan crafts, will include over 30 works by artists certified as Living National Treasures and other masters.

The Japanese Kōgei Exhibition will run from  

April 5 - May 6, 2016, M-F, 9AM-5PM

 Come join us for a lecture with Ohi Chozaemon XI, a master ceramicist with robust family lineage and a contemporary edge.

The heir of more than 350 years of hand-built Ohi-family craftsmanship, Ohi Chozaemon XI has rich historical ties to Urasenke tea ceremony and Raku clay ware. 

To open the Japanese Kōgei exhibition, master ceramicist Ohi Chozaemon XI (Toshio Ohi) will present a special lecture on use of kōgei in tea ceremony, the subtlety of Japanese aesthetics via wabi-sabi, and Zen philosophy as reflected in kōgei craft wares. 

Toshio Ohi inherited an artistic tradition that dates back to the 17th century when the first Ohi ware potter began crafting ceramic work near Kanazawa for tea ceremony. Made of soft clay and fired at low temperatures, Ohi pieces are prized for their beautiful shapes and luster with a trademark amber glaze.

As the 11th generation head of this historic family lineage, Toshio Ohi incorporates the multi-generational heritage of Ohi ware while subtly asserting his individual character. Born in Kanazawa, Japan, Ohi XI graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from Boston University in 1984. He has won prestigious awards from the Japanese government, to include most recently the Prime Minister of Japan Prize at the 54th Japan Contemporary Craft Exhibition in 2015, and has displayed his collections throughout Japan, the U.S., South America, Europe, and Asia.