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MOVING OUT, a musical play by Riccardo Riccardi

  • Embassy of Italy - Auditorium 3000 Whitehaven Street Northwest Washington, DC, 20008 United States (map)

Starting with this edition, The Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT) has decided to send a strong signal to promote one of the most fascinating festivals that culture can offer: La Festa della Musica (The Festival of Music).

Like in other places throughout Europe, this festival will engage Italy in its entirety and, at the same time, divulge a message of culture, participation, integration, harmony and universality that only music can spread. A great event that will take all types of music - to all kinds of venue. Parks, museums, Italian Cultural Institutes, Embassies, hospitals, train stations, places of worship, prisons, metro stations and, above all, to the streets and squares of our beautiful country which will be in the limelight during  “Our” Festa (festival).

This exciting event will bring together academies, conservatories, schools of music and universities. Soloists, choirs, orchestras, musical groups and bands – in other words, all those who create music at a professional or recreational level – will come together for our Festa, as will Italians, foreigners and “new” Italians. “In piazza è tutta un’altra musica! “On the streets, it’s a different tune entirely!” – whether one is alone, or in a group. The festival will cross Italy from top to bottom, not forgetting the islands, and explore those magical places that are our country’s pride and joy: the cultural assets that MiBACT will make available to music.

We will have a special preview of the Festa before Midsummer. We chose to open this fascinating festival with the passion, skill, and creativity of young people. The last Saturday before June 21, this year and in years to come, youths will take center stage in the Italian Capital of Culture of the year. This is why, on June 18 in Mantua, hundreds of young girls and boys from all over Italy will perform on eleven stages throughout the city.



 World Première

June 21st and 22nd , 2016

A theatrical play with arias and duets composed by Riccardo Riccardi
Performed in English


Nora: a woman around fifty:Elisa Prosperi- Soprano

Nadia: a 23 year-old woman:Virginia Guidi- Mezzo-soprano

 Riccardo Riccardi - Piano


The play takes place in the living room of an apartment in America.

MOVING OUT, a theatrical play with arias and duets, is a work by Riccardo Riccardi composed exclusively for the Italian Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C.

Its general structure is an example of the Teatro della parola (Word Theater), but with interspersed arias and duets, following the tradition of Italian opera. The play brings Italy and United States together, both with its theme and music.

The texts are sung mainly in Italian - as with traditional opera - but also in English because Moving out takes musical ideas from America, filters them and turns them into opera - Italian opera.

On stage, two faces of emigration confront each other: a mature woman who moved to the U. S. from Italy many years ago, and her niece, who has big dreams - and the challenge of starting her future in the Big Apple. On the one hand, memories of the past and nostalgia for one’s roots; on the other, dreams of future opportunities in America - a land of possibilities, as envisioned by  collective international imagination.

The innermost feelings of the two characters are described with lightness and irony, and the contrast between aunt and niece finds a common thread in their enduring love for Italian cuisine.

Moving out is Riccardo Riccardi’s second theatrical play in English. It follows Il testamento (The Will) written for the Royal Irish Academy in Dublin in 2014.


Embassy of Italy - Auditorium
3000 Whitehaven St, NW
Washington, DC 20008