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  • House of Sweden 2900 K Street Northwest Washington, DC 20007 (map)

Join us for the opening of our new exhibition in House of Sweden - "Witnesses" by Anna U Davis

About the exhibition
Why are we Curious, Passionate, Suspicious, Jealous, Conscientious, Self-conscious, Unsure, Calm, Insecure, Balanced, Mature and Independent? We tend to think of personality traits as good or bad, but where does these features stem from? Can you narrow down a specific character's origin to one specific moment? Or is a personality conceived after a repeated pattern of experiences. Could I figure out specific events in my own life, that molded my continuous quest in exploring my role as a woman in this world. My craving to investigate not only the struggles and challenges we face as women, but the qualities that makes us equal and empowered. In preparation for this project, I decided to conduct an assessment test, which I handed out to family, and friends, in order to figure out my most prominent character traits. From the data collected and from a period of contemplation and discussion, I was able to conceive a series of black and drawings based on experiences that seemed to have implemented these different personality traits. In the exhibit “Witnesses” I have transformed the black and white drawings into mixed media paintings and sculptures. This work is a continuation of the style I have been developing since the late 1990's, which juxtaposes bold, colorful, almost cartoonish styled figures ” Frocasians” with intricate collage work. The “Frocasian” characters (an amalgam of Afro and Caucasian) are meant to transcend racial divide and were inspired by my interracial relationship with my husband and our journey from Sweden to the United States.